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Md_Jakir_HossainWe are racing in Denim global market. Our speed ratio in right track. Marketing competition makes us more practical and perfect. Bangladeshi Denim products are dominating the global markets by beating its competitors in the European markets as well as in United States by occupying a lion share of the proverbial denim scale.

Denim is an art of Fashion its important in technical knowledge in denim process as it is different from other process line. Denim always changing fashion and think recent market trend. It depends on different market place, different fashion and design in market view on dying denim process.

The color shade is most important factor in denim process, maximum factory entrepreneur going to modify their existing dyeing machine and apply modern technology by manufacturer, has to give more support for sustainable products. Global market denim sector increasing capacity and Global denim talks sustainability, evaluate our sourcing journal, newest denim article, textile “Denim Manufacturers invest in future focused Innovation”

If Bangladesh can make its footing stronger in developing design and innovation. According to a study by Cotton Inc, 71% of people in Europe and Latin America enjoy wearing denim, followed by 70% in the US, 58% in China, and 57% in Japan. Since customers are more cautious about environmental and health hazards issues, the denim products manufactured by a sustainable process are becoming more popular. In a recent development, Bangladesh is also turning the apparel manufacturing process into an eco-friendly one by establishing green factories — a major advantage — which consume less water and other natural resources.

Business scope and challenge forward, despite being a global market leader in denim products, some challenges ahead for the Bangladeshi manufacturers, growing industry. Price of fabrics and getting utility services including gas and electricity, hindering new investment are some of them. Moving towards value added products is another issue that needs more attention, cost has gone up, but manufacturers are forced to offer lower prices due to price cuts in the finished products by global retailers. Since most of denim products are limited in basic items, the key to success in global market is innovation in designs and washing, added the challenge for Bangladesh is too also adding further value to denim products by design development and innovation. What the sector currently needs, all of them agreed, is more investment in research innovation to meet the increasing global demand in latest and trending denim products, strong growth opportunity and product diversification are looking in long term vision.

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