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Crony Group Chairman, Neela Hosna Ara, gets selected as a Board of Directors of BGMEA.


BGMEA Selected New Board Of Directors on 1 March at a special meeting at the BGMEA office. Neela Hosna Ara, Co-Founder, and Chairperson, Crony Group New BGMEA Board Of Directors.

BGMEA Source Said, Dr. Rubana Huq was elected as a Director of BGMEA for the 2021-23 term, But recently she resigned from her position. And Neela Hosna Ara, Chairman of Crony Group was selected in her vacant position.

Since 1994, Neela Hosna Ara has been successfully leading the Crony Group with her vision and leadership skills.

Neela Hosna Ara stated her gratefulness to all the board members of BGMEA including President Faruque Hassan.

Neela Hosna Ara is an illustrious lady entrepreneur in Bangladesh and an expert in the field of business. She focuses greatly on Crony Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), gender equality, and women’s health and hygiene issues in all our businesses.

She intensely believes in safeguarding that all employees are receiving a number of benefits for working in our factories and is essential to Crony Group’s future success.

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