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Bangladesh is now one of the top countries in the world with 150 Green Garments factories.


As the so-called green wave continues to sweep Bangladesh, the country has become home to the highest number of Green Garment factories in the world.

The Leadership in Environmental and Energy in Design (LEED) certification given by the United
States Green Building Council (USGBC).

The establishment of 150 Green Garments has taken the garment industry to the next level. Of
the 150 Green Garments, some 44 are platinum rated, 93 are gold, 9 are silver standard and
four are just certified.

After this remarkable achievement in the RMG industry of Bangladesh, President Faruque
Hassan said,

Photo: Bgmea

“Despite all the challenges and struggles the industry has been facing, we have made a
noteworthy achievement in the area of green industrialization.

As we are heading toward a significant event on the global climate change issues, I think such a
milestone will place Bangladesh in high stature.

In recognition of the outstanding achievements of our industry and the exemplary leadership in
promoting environmental sustainability in the RMG industry, BGMEA has been honored with the “2021 USGBC Leadership Award”.

However, while the progress in green and resource efficiency sets a new trajectory, the price we are being paid does not reflect these efforts and investments.

To continue this progress and to allow more entrepreneurs to follow the same path, While we have as many as 500 factories waiting for the USGBC certification, which clearly testifies the industry’s commitment to being more sustainable and responsible, it cannot sustain without a justified price.”

For its role in the green initiative, the BGMEA also got the USGBC certification in June this year.

The country owns nine out of the top 10 environment-friendly garment factories in the world. Not only that, 39 of the top 100 global platinum factories are in Bangladesh.

Apparel entrepreneurs have invested a lot in green initiatives after the 2013 Rana Plaza building
collapse, which killed 1,134 people and injured more than 2,000.


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