Naveena launches new high-elasticity denim with Lycra


Naveena Denim Mills has launched a collection of high-elasticity denim, using Lycra’s Wraptech 2.0 tri-core technology fabric that combines the high stretch of Lycra fibre with the exceptional recovery and low shrinkage of Lycra T400 fibre. The collection fuses the comfort and performance of a super stretch with the look and performance of a rigid denim.

Denim made from the smart-stretch yarn demonstrates good power, low growth, and a much lower compression force than typical stretch denim. According to tests conducted by Lycra, fabrics made from Wraptech 2.0 perform better in terms of growth, recovery, and shrinkage than many other fabrics with the same elasticity level, according to Naveena.

Wraptech 2.0 denim fabrics are adaptable to any silhouette, from the traditional five-pocket and dressed-up denim to rugged workwear jeans and comfortable work-from-home styles that have become so important during the COVID-19 pandemic. Denim forecasters, such as Denim Dudes, anticipate demand for comfort styles to continue into Spring/Summer 2022, Naveena said.

Wraptech 2.0 fabrics have excellent shape-retention and recovery, giving garments a comfortable fit that lasts all day. They have better elongation, recovery, and shrinkage compared to other fabrics with the same elasticity level. The fabrics stand up to the same washes and finishes of traditional rigid fabric, without sacrificing the comfort of a stretch jean. The fabrics have superior stretch and recovery, allowing for a wider fit window. One jean can fit a range of shapes and sizes. They are more durable and maintain their shape and fit longer between washes. Plus, brands can request sustainable inputs such as Lycra T400 EcoMade technology or up to 20 per cent post-industrial waste cotton, Naveena said in a media statement.

“Lycra is excited to have contributed to Naveena’s latest fabric collection, Wraptech 2.0, with our Lycra fibre and Lycra T400 fibre. The results in our lab showed amazing results in terms of elongation, power and growth,” Silvia Toledo, senior strategic account manager for Lycra said in a Naveena press release.

“We’re describing Wraptech 2.0 as a Future-Fit fabric. The fabrics address the five key attributes; comfort, innovation, strength, versatility, and sustainability,” Aydan Tüzün, Naveena’s executive director of global sales and marketing said.

Established in Karachi, Pakistan, in 2005, Naveena Denim Mills specialises in manufacturing premium yarn and denim fabrics, constantly seeking the ultimate union of form and function through creative engineering.

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