Italian fabric company PG Denim launches The DOCG Collection


PG Denim has announced that Paolo Gnutti, CEO of PG Denim, has created the new DOCG (Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin) Collection. The company has a fully integrated supply chain focused on garments for medium-high range productions. PG Denim designs fabrics dedicated to unforgettable and unique concepts for the fashion market.

The DOCG collection is an explosion of colours, 3D effects, flock and prints finishes, where performance does not cover the uniqueness of authentic denim fabric. PG Denim has created a unique collection, made of research and innovation, with the aim of bringing fashion back to the forefront of the next season, the company said in a press release.

The Studio 54 range of collection explores the contaminations between cotton and vinyl, crossing the traditional boundaries of indigo fabric, even though it has remained in touch with the authentic Italian tradition. The Velvet Denim range is entirely produced using viscose flock, resulting in unique garments which achieve different effects depending on the washing processes. The Garage Denim collection is the line inspired by the metallised colours of cars and Harley in the 1950s and ‘60s, with colours pastes glittering against very dark fabric backgrounds, creating an imperceptible painted effect, really custom-made denim, PG Denim said.

The Home Sweet Home range is designed and developed to face the new needs that originated from this lock-down period. The clothing is super comfortable as well as fashionable, in order to make us feel cool every time, even when we are working from home. For this Chameleon-like collection, the main colours are indigo, black, and ecrù. With the Tatoo Denim collection, PG Denim wishes to recreate the creed of tattoos on fabrics. Denim become a second visual skin that reproduces on the garments the love for tattoos. The collection is a tribute to the deep expression of tattoo art, embodying the DNA of the brand on its garments, according to PG Denim.

The Free Cotton Denim capsule collection is produced 100 per cent without the use of cotton, but keeping its original and authentic look. It will be available very soon. The Denim collection is one of the most important tenets behind PG Denim. This time, the brand is working to become increasingly green, with the ultimate goal of having 100 per cent sustainable product, always paying attention to trends and to the most fashionable side.

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