Hiut Denim launches A-B commuter jeans with Polygiene technology


Hiut Denim has launched their A-B commuter jeans in limited short runs with Polygiene Stays
Fresh technologies. The jeans come with commuter-friendly reflective prints, they stay fresh, can
be worn more, and washed less, a common goal for both companies. Polygiene, headquartered
in Sweden, is one of the world leaders in stays fresh technologies.
Hiut Denim is cooperating with Polygiene to get the added value of Polygiene Stays Fresh
technologies making jeans stay fresh, eliminating odour-causing bacteria that sooner or later will
be found in the jean, and odours coming from the surroundings, like a smelly restaurant or
cigarette smoke. All with the aim to encourage people to try and go as long as they can without
washing their jeans. Users can even join their No Wash Club, where the entry bar is set at a
minimum of six months, all for the environment and for the perfect jean, according to a press
release by Polygiene.
“We want to be as low impact as possible, and producing a stretch jean comes with impact. To
help reduce this and improve the product, we have chosen to work with Polygiene. Their
technology helps the customer Wear More Wash Less. We have chosen to use their BioStatic
and OdorCrunch technologies to help improve the quality of the jean. We’re looking at
introducing this product onto other products,” Clare Hieatt, co-founder of Hiut Denim said in a
“This is a small up-and-coming brand that has set a very challenging goal, to make the best
jeans and make them last as long as possible. We are happy to team up with them and see this,
as a long-term partnership that surely will get attention in the industry. In terms of sustainable
use and life cycle analysis, we know that skipped washes will reduce the environmental impact
considerably. Plus, it is an excellent example on how to change the way we view jeans and
garments, from fast consumables to durables,” Ulrika Björk, CEO of Polygiene said.

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