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Turkish denim company Isko launches new Selvedge denim fabrics


Isko, the world’s leading denim ingredient brand headquartered in Turkey, has launched the Isko Selvedge, a 21st-century reinterpretation of one of the most legendary denim fabrics ever made. Inspired by the history and reverence of original Selvedge denim, Isko has applied its high-performance patented technologies to develop a new Selvedge range.

Available in a wide selection of weights, stretch options and finishes, Isko Selvedge adds flexibility, softness and comfort to a fabric more commonly known for its raw and rigid qualities. The new Isko Selvedge range preserves the authenticity and many of Selvedge’s hallmarks beloved by true denim aficionados the world over, whilst introducing modern attributes such as sustainability, comfort and wearability, which are guaranteed to make it a favourite of a new generation of male and female denim lovers, according to a press release by the company.

The range includes 19 fabric varieties, with weights spanning from 7.75 to 14.5 oz and elasticity options between 13 per cent- 52 per cent, for outstanding recovery and holding power, ensuring there truly is denim for everyone. This variegated array relies on R-TWO technology. Certified to Textile Exchange environmental credentials, this platform ensures full traceability, minimising environmental impact and delivering astounding quality to each solution included in the Isko Selvedge family, Isko said.

The Isko Selvedge range offers a wide variety of fabric options that will appeal to traditional, heritage denim lovers, as well as a new generation of denim fans. It will inspire the creation of different stories to enhance and explain the raw beauty of Selvedge. The authentic rigid selection comprises ten different fabric options that maintain the raw and rigid heritage of Selvedge denim. The comfort stretch fabrics are a contemporary interpretation of Selvedge denim, offering a soft hand feel and stretch level ranging from 13 per cent to 29 per cent across six different fabrics. The high stretch option is offered in three super-soft fabrics ranging from 40 per cent to 52 per cent elasticity, giving traditional Selvedge the added bonus of incredible comfort and wearability, according to Isko.

Further offerings in the Isko Selvedge range are available through a variety of washes, Italian Fashion and Japanese Vintage. The first is a fashion translation of the authentic look of Selvedge, with a strong focus on style, wash and attention to detail. The second embodies the most iconic Japanese vintage washes to deliver an accelerated worn look.

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