Organic clothing brands carving a niche in India

Organic clothing brands carving a niche in India


Indigreen, a venture started by fashion and lifestyle journalist Nidhi Singh and industrialist Gaurav G displays 100 per cent eco-friendly fabrics made from organic cotton, bamboo fabric and handwoven khadi using non toxic colours. Not only are they responsible towards the environment, the company follows ethical values and pays fair wages to the workers and painters. What sets them apart from the rest in the sustainable fashion market is their effort to drive people towards going green.

Aura, a venture started by Arun and Sonal Baid, reflect their interest in the environment, an attempt to prevent global warming and pollution coming from textile and dyeing processes. They like to see a world where people would proactively choose herbal dyed fabrics and clothing without compromising on design, quality or style.

Today, everyone recognises the value of sustainability and appreciates the fact that eco-friendly clothing suits the skin best. The top brands that have decided to go organic offer a wide range of apparel that are trendy and chic at the same time ethnic and elegant. Each brand has its own story — a reason to go organic and stand out from the rest. To make fashion ethical, some go to the deserts of Rajasthan while some reach the green land of Kabini to suit everyone’s palate.

Organic clothing is not just the flavour of the affluent class but it is for everyone who understands the importance of sustainability. To protect ourselves from the impacts of chemicals, we need to either become chemically immune or just go organic. Since the former is just a pipe dream, a few apparel brands who have taken the responsibility of keeping the earth green have chosen to manufacture eco-friendly clothing.

No Nasties is a fashion brand that believes strongly in fair trade no pesticides, no genetically modified seeds, no toxic agents, no child labour or exploitation. This brand has a wide range of T-shirts that are fashionable as well as organic. They use 100 per cent organic cotton certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and 100 per cent fair trade cotton certified by Fair Trade India. No Nasties T-shirts are a way of showing their concern for the environment and inspire others to spread the green message.

The innovative process of producing herbal textiles and dyes are GOTS certified and they produce a variety of fabrics with a vibrant range of colours and prints. This allows them to be at par with other brands in the industry. To add one more credit to their eco-friendly methods, they recycle both solid and liquid waste. These are used as manure and to irrigate farms.


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