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Sustainability as a concept still growing: Aizome


Sustainability as a concept is still growing in the textiles and apparel industry, according to a top official of Aizome, Asia’s first Fairtrade denim brand. The industry needs to come forward and find sustainable solutions in each category of the entire supply chain—right from the farm to the end product. This will help reach out to customers. “Our understanding of sustainability is the longevity of the resources we have. To ensure that we must reuse, recycle and reduce our dependability on economic, social and  environmental resources. As a part of its commitment to the environment, the Surat-based denim brand uses ‘clean chemistry’ and has developed business process using sustainable means in a transparent manner. At Aizome, every garment produced is clean and sustainable.

Sustainability as a concept still growing

The consumers are increasingly being aware of using safe, hygienic and sustainable products. They are also becoming interested in knowing the environmental impact of the products that they buy. However, this is still growing, and it will take some time for the people to change their buying choices. It is the biggest challenge is the demand of sustainable products, “In a price-sensitive market, it will take some time to optimize the costs of manufacturing.”

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