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Laser Wash Time to Reduce Over 35 Percent With New RevoLaze Software


RevoLaze, LLC, a laser technology firm headquartered in Westlake, OH, announced the official launch of the revolutionary LightLaze, an automated online software tool aimed at decreasing laser cycle time and removing harmful chemicals in the denim finishing process. The company has worked deeply into the technical aspects of the laser working to enable improve the performance of the lasers. Here is what they have done. For the majority of laser files that have multi-layers, LightLaze software converts these files into one single file without compromising design or quality, and has shown up to a 40% improvement in laser cycle time. Trials of LightLaze have been very positive as per the company, with laser designers from over 10 countries using the software and reporting significant laser cycle time savings. For single layer files, LightLaze will enhance the design to bring out more contrast, such as highs and lows. Along with graphic optimization, LightLaze, when combined with modifying the washing process, reduces or eliminates the harmful potassium permanganate spray along with the neutralization process. By adopting this method, the laser alone can achieve the necessary brightness.

Laser Wash Time to Reduce Over 35 Percent With New RevoLaze Software

Revolaze claims it is an eco-friendly and low cost alternative to PP spray and will result in major chemical, time and cost savings. Since LightLaze is an online tool accessible to any laser designer throughout the world, no additional hardware or laser upgrades are needed to start converting files. The software works on all laser systems currently in the market. It is as simple as importing your standard laser files to, pressing the export button and the new files are downloaded. Sign up will enable one to start converting files immediately upon activation.

According to RevoLaze, the growth of using laser technology to abrade denim has created a need to maximize throughput, “The industry has learned that in order to create the natural and authentic look of worn jeans, laser designers typically use multi-layer files to replicate the standards. While the right

look is achieved with this technique, it negatively impacts the overall production time. RevoLaze understands the importance for denim manufacturers to optimize each denim finishing process. We are confident that LightLaze will help the denim industry increase production and more importantly,

lower costs without compromising the desired look.” A RevoLaze customer tested the LightLaze software for both laser cycle time savings and PP replacement. The pictures below were provided by Silvermoon Jeans wash development centre under the direction given by Silver Jeans Company. “From

the development trials we run on the LightLaze software (using pixel time 70 vs original 50+50). We are encouraged by the outcome on initial trials and will continue to internally calibrate the execution further to achieve even better results. The time saving between LightLaze 70 vs original 50 + 50 is between 20 & 25%.”


While any denim brand or manufacturer can access LightLaze, RevoLaze has partnered with industry representatives to help facilitate the global launch in key markets throughout the world. For the rapidly expanding Asian market, GDS Chemical, an environmentally focused leader in the laundry and textile market, will provide support throughout Bangladesh.“GDS is renowned for its quality and service in  Bangladesh textile sector for more than two decades. We are really glad to be able to join hands with RevoLaze to introduce this latest LightLaze technology to our customers in Bangladesh as they will be highly benefited with this sustainable technology.”For Pakistan, India and surrounding countries, the RevoLaze representative who has over 8 years of denim finishing experience in laser development, laser design, denim washing and laser maintenance/repair.

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