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Kids Denim Development in Bangladesh


Cool & casual

Jeans have long been a go-to for kids of all ages, but this season, denim is diversifying. Denim dungarees allow girls to be stylish but still free enough to climb a tree or lark about in the playground, and boys who want to smarten up their act can throw on a denim shirt or jacket over a casual tee. If they really want to embrace the trend, try doubling up denim using contrasting tones for an edgy look.

Easy-peasy styling

Choosing their own outfit is an important part of growing up, and one of denim’s selling points (for kids and parents) is that it’s versatile enough to go with just about everything. Whether they’re in jeans or a denim skirt, your little one can have fun creating an ensemble with most of their wardrobe. Our denim uses high-quality cotton, so whichever look they finally settle on, you can be sure they’re comfortable too.

Kid-proof fashion

As well as its fashion credentials, there are a lot of practical reasons for dressing kids in denim. It’s difficult to find a fabric that’s more durable – no matter how many hours they spend kicking a football or riding their bike down the street, their clothes will be up to the challenge. And when it comes to washing, all our denim can be thrown in the machine at 30 degrees and tumble-dried straight afterwards.

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