Bangladesh is showing strong growth for denim business


monjur h.Bangladesh is showing strong growth for denim business. Major denim mills are equipped with state of the art machineries and capable of producing the quality denim of all kinds. There is growing need of speed delivery and hence global buyers switching to local denim suppliers. They realized about the strength of the denim mills of Bangladesh over a period of time. Due to American TPP and growing trade uncertainties between the USA and China, there can be bigger opportunity in coming future.

Buyer’s perception of Bangladesh is positive. Innovation and developments are the DNA of the company. So, we have to work in these areas properly. Sustainability is a big challenge as the brands are focusing more on this.


Secondly, most of today’s big successful players have explored and made their presence felt at International exhibitions and fairs like Denim PV, King pins etc. It is the need of the hours that we start

exploring these global expositions and put ourselves in front of the buyers and meet them at various

points. This may not bring immediate business but it definitely gives a better vision to the company of

global industry happenings. This also assists in long term brand building for the company.


Thirdly, we have to be very careful for the environment part. Government should put more attention so as to ensure the optimum using of the ETP. The effort to go green environment has been felt across

industries. Using recycled or renewable resources to reduce energy consumption and waste, there seems to be a universal effort by businesses and consumers to protect our planet and do what we can to live a more sustainable lifestyle.


Finally I could say, dynamic and dedicated team is required for marketing. They are the one who helps the company keep its pace with the changes in the world of fashion. Success depends upon also the care and attention to the customers. Quality product, commitment being absolutely fair to the customers is the essence of progress and sustainability. Hence, we should standby them and remain absolutely fair to them under all circumstances. We should believe that our buyers are our voice and speak for us.



Monjur H.

Assistant General Manager
International Marketing &
Head of Supply Chain
Ha-Meem Denim

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