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Bangladesh has immense potential in growing within the denim sector


md badsha miaDenim was everywhere this runway season, with the more creative street stylers layering it under and over other items. It is safe to say denim is a fabric which suits everyone. Genderless, Versatile it’s probably the easiest addition to a daytime wardrobe.


Bangladesh has immense potential in growing within the denim sector. At the moment Bangladesh has the highest number of green factories in the world. Not only the Green aspect has been though throughout the beginning it has been carried out by most manufacturers within the process.


The end consumers are more conscious about where and how the garment they wear is made. Are they made ethically? Are they made saving our mother nature? I think we are proud to say that Bangladesh’s Green, Compliance factories are well prepared to say Yes to the thoughts. When factories are made we think of rain water harvesting, zero discharge, saving energy, providing health care and other benefits to society which we work within, societies wellbeing and many more is though throughout every new manufacturing ground. At Pioneer Denim that is the type of mindset we have had since the beginning of our denim fabric manufacturing facility. We today are able to use our own raw materials to manufacture fine quality denim fabric of any sort for the industry. Our moto is “MAKE BLUE, THINK GREEN”. We value our responsibility towards society and though of sustainability throughout the process in creating the finest fabric within the denim fabric manufacturing Industry. We have bought changes towards how we make the fabric for a better future of our next generation to follow.


Not only are we concerned in the sustainable process of producing the finest denim fabrics, we are conscious and driven towards manufacturing innovative fabrics as well as developing new trend for the industry. At Pioneer Denim we are heavily focussed in innovating new product developments in the denim fabric segment. We are focussed and driven towards thinking outside the box being creative in making the trend in quality denim fabrics. Innovation is the key to sustain, which drives towards thinking and being ahead for the long run.


Our fashion institutions play a vital role in our Denim fabric manufacturing industry. Having the resources available to these institutions could benefit us all. We encourage the institutions to step in to develop further in broadening the mind of creative thinking, which the industry could widely benefit from.


The number of specialised work force at a particular area has increased over the years. The know how knowledge in particular segments of the industry has developed. We have the latest technologically advanced machineries at our factories, we know what level of output we can produce to lead within

this industry.


I believe as a whole, Bangladesh has shifted drastically from a traditional to a more modern leading manufacturing approach. In our market segment, we have the facility to trace back where the core raw material such as which origin the cotton came from to the person the garment or fabric is made by at a given time and place. Our potential in this market segment is massive and having the right support we believe we can grow immensely.


“Made in Bangladesh” Branding plays a vital role in this modern apparel industrial era. Having the expertise in house does not always give value to the products we make. As the mind set has been left from the past. This particular segment of the industry needs to be developed as a community. We believe at the moment we as a country have the capacity of providing fine quality denim fabric or even apparel goods. We need to portray out the message to the wider society to acknowledge our achievements.


Md. Badsha Mia

Managing Director

Pioneer Denim Limited

(Badsha Group of Industries)

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