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The Italian know-how of Officina+39 creates Recycrom™

Italy, homeland of fashion and much more. Like innovation, raw materials, chemicals and eco-friendly in general. But there is a company, from the traditional high-end textiles town of Biella, able to combine all of these, and its name is Officina+39.
Thanks to a long-time experience in garment field, in 2016 the chemical company invented RecycromTM a full range of colored powders made 100% by recycling textile fibers from used clothing and manufacturing waste. Through an innovative and patented process, these fibers are upcycled into a remarkably uniform and solid powder that can be used as a pigment dye for fabrics and garments made of cotton, wool, nylon or any natural and most artificial fibers and blends. RecycromTM can also be applied using various methods: exhaustion dyeing, printing and spray – with coating now under development. The colors come out with a washed-out and natural look – making it very on-trend. Brands can also collaborate with the inventors Officina+39 to make custom dyes from their own scraps and textile waste.
True Italian pride and rated as one of the biggest innovations in dyestuffs in the last 50 years, in 2017 RecycromTM won the prestigious Keyhouse Hightex Award at Munich Fabric Start. Then, the attention of fashion industries from brands that particularly focus their attention on innovation and environment like the Italian OVS, which has so far resulted in two capsule collections. A remarkable innovation also included in the newly released Book of Denim, Volume 2 (Amsterdam Publishing Int, 2018).
“The long-term goal for Officina+39’s R&D center was always to invent a game-changer – one that could impact the whole textiles industry,” says Officina+39’s CEO Andrea Venier. “And in the end, we found our inspiration very close to home” he ends.

Julie Parfaits

Courtesy: Denim Freaks

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