Worldwide Denim Production


Bangladesh is becoming a destination for denim business because of the country’s well-established ability to supply huge volumes at comparatively lower prices, commented by Mr. Tanvir Ahmed, Director of Envoy Group during a recent interview.

Envoy Textiles Ltd, Worlds only LEED PLATINUM Certified Denim Textiles and the largest denim manufacturer in Bangladesh, directly exports 5 to 10 percent of its 4.5 million yards of monthly production to 13 countries.

Mr. Tanvir commented, that the use of denim is on the rise worldwide and by 2020 it is expected that the global market size of denim industries will be over US$ 78 billion. Out of this more than 70 percent could come from Asia and Bangladesh has the potential to be the third largest denim exporter, after the US and Italy.

Mr. Tanvir also added, Bangladesh is evolving from purely cheap products to diversified products. Innovation has become key focus along with Environment Friendly manufacturing process. Denim production is becoming more technology intensive, using complex spinning, weaving and finishing process. Hence the industry is looking at the possibilities of giving a wide range of characteristics to

Denim fabrics to meet world denim fashion trend.

It should be noted here Bangladeshi entrepreneurs supply denim products to retailers such as H&M, Uniqlo, Levi’s, Nike, Tesco, Wrangler, Hugo Boss, Puma, Primark and JCPenney. Recently, Denim makers have also started shipping to some new destinations: China, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and Russia.


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