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The market for denim is diversified


The market for denim is diversified across various international markets including the European Union and the US. It is estimated the world market for denim will cross usd 65 billion per annum in the next five years. That would explain why some of the larger Bangladeshi conglomerates are investing in denim factories in the country. Bangladeshi denim producers should be able to keep prices competitive and quality up to the mark as demanded by international retailers. But Bangladeshi denim mills need to work hard to improve R&D sector. We should hire some fashion designers so as to have creative ideas.

The mid level employees of Bangladesh have been working hard. But still we have the deficiency of dedicated man power. So the new factories have already started hiring the employees from existing factories offering comparatively higher salary which is perhaps not fair some cases. Respect of the company as well as management is the prerequisite for continuous development. But a recent survey found that less than half of employees trust the senior management at their jobs. We will have to look into it.


Monjur H.
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International Marketing & Head of Supply chain
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