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Denim World in Bangladesh


Envoy Textiles Limited

Envoy Textiles Limited (ETL) is a manufacturer of high quality fashion denim in Bangladesh, located at Bhaluka, Mymensingh (60 km North of Dhaka City). Introducing rope dyeing denim for the first time in the country, ETL has been designed with a combination of superior man, machinery and management. Annual capacity of the plants is 22 million meters of quality denim fabric. It covers an area of 48 acres of land and total manpower strength is 650.

ETL established in 2005, started the commercial production in early 2008, within the short period of time, ETL is now the largest denim fabric producing unit in Bangladesh. Recently, the factory has achieved ISO 9001: 14001 quality certification and its products are OKOTEX certified. Our annual production is 24 million meters. We produce a range of products from 6.5oz to 15oz. of denim fabrics. Our denim comes in a variety of shades and cast basic indigos and sulphur topping or bottoming, in 100% cotton and a variety of blends.

ETL targets to be listed in Dhaka Stock Exchange and Chittagong Stock Exchange by issuing IPO by June, 2012. Assigned AA + rating by Credit Rating Agency of Bangladesh.

  1. To achieve a global dominance through:
  2. To become a vertically integrated manufacturer for fabric & garments
  3. Excellence in product quality
  4. Diversify products through continuous product innovation
  5. Customer orientation and cost effectiveness


  1. Short lead time
  2. Highly skilled manpower at low cost


Ha-Meem Denim Limited

Ha-Meem Denim is located at a beautiful landscape of Mawna, Sreepur along Dhaka-Mymensingh highway approx 65 kms from Dhaka. The company will have end-to-end processes from spinning to finished fabrics to become a complete vertical set up by 2014.

HA-MEEM Group is a diversified business conglomerate with ventures in Garments, Banks, Insurance, Jute, Packaging, Washing, Newspaper, TV Channel, Tea estates etc. The group is one of the largest manufacturers of garments in the country and it is but natural that it decided to capitalize its core strength by setting backward linkage of Denim and Spinning. HDL is thus one-stop solution provider for leading apparel brands around the world.

We believe in Distinction, Innovation and Determination in our endeavor to provide world class products through team work, precision and effective management. Ensure complete professionalism to provide quality goods, commitment and service to all customers. To continuously modernize and upgrade machineries to meet changing market needs whilst becoming an eco-friendly company. These are to be achieved by believing in people and nurturing their unlimited potential.


Amber Denim Limited

Amber Group runs two denim industries in Gazipur, Amber Denim Limited and Amber Denim Mills Limited, operating from 2006 and 2012 respectively. Looking back at the pages of history, the fabric originated in the French town of Nimes and owes its name to the location, which was quickly known as ‘Denim’. In this 21st century, ‘feel good’ is a common term in the world of fashion. The clothes we wear and how we wear them makes our fashion statement. And it is not only about being trendy, but comfortable as well. Walking with the flow, Amber also believes in comfort in wear, along with fashion; producing denim of highest comfort, keeping the trends of the blue fiber alive.

At Amber, part of raw materials for denim production come from their very own factories (Amber Rotor Mills Ltd. Amber Rotor Spinning Mills Ltd. and Amber Cotton Mills Ltd. fulfilling demands of buyers as well!

Amber group is being managed by highly qualified technical and management professionals. The excellence of the technology and blooming genius of its personnel are the strength of the organization. Amber Group with its various interests is rolling ahead with drive and determination to be the best in all the areas it operates.

Amber Group was established in 1996 and began its journey with Amber Cotton Mills Limited. The group flourished with its gradual demand in the market. Apart from cotton, other successful areas where the group operates include denim, board and doors, Internet gateway, radio, lifestyle shopping outlet and leisure resort etc. Backed by a high density of advanced technology and sophisticated manufacturing facilities.


Square Denims Limited

Square Group Has Pioneered The Development Of The Local Business In Fields As Diverse As Pharmaceuticals, Textile, Information Technology, Healthcare Products, Food Products, And Hospital Etc. SDL Products Range Denim

  • Rigid (100% Cotton, Cotton Polyester)
  • Stretch Dobby Knit
  • Rigid
  • Stretch Circular Knit
  • Rigid
  • Stretch Weight Range-4.5 To 14.75 Oz.

Specialisation Of Sdl Products Power/super Stretch Genuine Mercerize Stretch Fabric Coated Quality Overdye/colour Quality Linen, Tencel Blend Denim In Fashion Circular Knit Colour Knit


  • 1.5 Million Yards/monthly


Sister Denim Composite Limited

To maximize synergistic benefits, and to become a market leader through the pursuit of high productivity, advanced technological innovation & absolute customer satisfaction by leveraging on the strengths of ours core business. To continuously focus on customer’s need to manufacture quality cotton yarn, melange yarn, woven fabrics, knit fabrics & knit apparels of high standard. To establish ourselves as the leading provider of knit apparels serving international market. SDCL is the sister concern of Thermax Group & started their very professional denim operating fabrics manufacturing process.


Nice Denim Mills Limited

Nice Denim Mills Ltd is a world class denim fabric producer in Bangla¬desh. Based in Sreepur, it is currently the largest mill in the denim industry. Apart from the state-of-the- art machines, Nice Denim also boasts a highly skilled management team with a wealth of experience in the denim industry.

Nice Denim is completely a composite (Fully integrated in a single compound) and consists of Spinning, Weaving and Processing/Coloration. It is the newest unit of Noman Group – the largest vertically integrated textile group in Bangladesh.

Engaged in textile business since 1960, the group has been the recipient of numerous awards including National Export Trophy (Gold) in the last few years.

We are capable of producing 32 million yards of denim annually. In addition, we have our own garments with a capacity of approximately 2 million garment pieces monthly with fabric composition of 100% cotton, cotton blended poly, blended spandex, pure lyocel, pure & bended viscose. We have introduced the Greenville brand in Rope Dyeing with the production capacity of 38 million yards per annum.

Recognizing the responsibility to manage environmental footprint, we have also established a world class ETP Plant Facility that ensures environmentally compliant effluent conforming to standards set by the Bangladesh government. Furthermore, we are also concentrat¬ing on various CSR initiatives.

Shasha Denims Limited

Since its establishment in 1996 Shasha Denims Limited (SDL) has started to march with vigor from 2000 and now it is one of the leading denim fabric producers in Bangladesh. The Company is suitably located at Dhaka Export Processing Zone (DEPZ) with the best available infrastructural facility. It is a professionally and most modern computerized SLASHER DYEING technology SDL is able to give valued customers the managed and technically sound organization and its plant is fully integrated with state of the Art technology and machinery from Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and USA. Besides, with the best real classical Indigo Denim.

Over the years, the company has been researching for technology which can enable the company to produce quality denim clothes that are not manufactured by any denim manufacturer in Bangladesh.

The Company produces denim fabrics weighing from 4oz/yd2 to 15oz/yd2. It is a deemed exporter and eventually serves the EU and Australian Markets. Present production capacity is 21.6 million yards per year. Most of the customers are world renowned and in many of cases SDL is the only nominated supplier for them from Bangladesh. Shasha Denims Limited makes fabrics for Marks & Spencer, Zara, C&A, Cotton on, Target Australia, George, New Look, Tesco, Best seller, Jack & Jones, Dressman, Gina tricot, LPP, Kiabi and so on and deliver the largest quantity from Bangladesh.

As part of continuous endeavor of this operational excellence SDL is going to establish a new plant in DEPZ extension area with top of the line latest technology which will lead to increase the production capacity by 9.6 million yards annually. It is estimated that the cost of the new plant would be more or less Tk. 175.00 crore. As per plan it is expected that yearly revenue would be increased by thirty percent after the completion of the new plant.


Argon Denims Limited

Argon Denims Ltd was incorporated as a Private Limited Company on July 13, 2006 under the Companies Act 1994 to produce Denim Fabrics. The commercial operations of the company started in March, 2008. The factory is situated at Sreepur in Gazipur district of Bangladesh.

The Company mainly produces medium and premium range denim fabrics in various weights ranging from 4.5 Oz to 13Oz. The annual production capacity will reach a mark of 18 million yards by December 2012.

Fabrics in 100% cotton, Cotton Stretch, Cotton Polyester and Cotton Polyester Stretch are made in optics like Slub, Crosshatch, Mixed counts and Regular with various weaves like Plain, Twill, Broken twill and Herringbone offered in different finishes like pre shrunk, flat, over dyed and coated.

Our dyeing line is equipped for Light and Dark Indigo, Sulphur Black, SBIT, IBST with casts and colors.

State-of-the-art water effluent treatment and sewage treatment plant ensures environment friendly operations; we are accredited with Oeko-Tex and Organic Content Standard certificates.

Advanced production equipment’s, strict quality control systems, robust sample development capability and well established design and marketing network contribute to our growing reputation in this industry. More and more branded enterprises appear in our customer’s list.


Mahmud Denims Limited

Mahmud Group of companies came into the textile industry with the establishment of Dong Bang Textile Ltd at Chittagong in 1997. Relying on its strong past experience, in 2006, Mahmud Group decided to reshaping its business by taking significant step towards leading the denim industry and came up with composite state of the art denim mill.


Nassa Taipei Denims Limited

When I founded NASSA Group in 1990 I did so with a strong vision. I believed passionately that Bangladesh had the capacity to become renowned as a world leader in advanced apparel manufacturing and supply. In the face of the extensive on-going investment that Dhaka was experiencing at the time, I saw the potential in Bangladesh’s infrastructure, people, skills and talent to deliver an intelligent and agile level of service that could compete on the global stage.

More than 20 years on, we are living in a different world. Economic climates are challenging, the political state of affairs is volatile. Times are uncertain. Yet NASSA Group has continued to steadfastly expand, diversify and provide vital employment, revenue and commercial development tailored to global markets; with Bangladesh’s future firmly at the core.

I believe that our success lies in our courage. The courage to invest in carefully assessed risks to generate diversification and growth. The courage to integrate new technologies and working practices in order to streamline our business model. The courage to protect our people and environment with our eyes steadfastly focused on tomorrow’s generations and not just on today’s profits.

That courage has created a thriving conglomerate that serves flagship brands across the globe as well as creating jobs, homes, commercial expansion and investment opportunities for the people of Bangladesh.

We always strive to do more. In the years ahead, we aim to deliver further diversification, expansion, operational streamlining and product development. We aim to generate further employment, to Reduce our environmental consumption by 50%, to invest in the agricultural development of Bangladesh’s rural communities and the protection of our natural environment.

The future may be uncertain, but in my view uncertainty brings with it innovation, and innovation generates growth. For Bangladesh, the future of industry is bright.


Chittagong Denim Mills Limited

Chittagong Denim Mills Ltd is the latest denim fabric producer in Bangladesh. Chittagong Denim Mills Ltd was incorporated in 2005 and started commercial operation in 2007. Chittagong Denim Mills Ltd is Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Certified. Brief details.

Year started                     : 2007

Total Land area               : 10 acres

Total Covered Area          : 17,200 sq mtr (185,072 sqft)

Product                           : Denim fabric

Production capacity         : 10.8 million yard/year

Manpower                       : 402

ETP                                 : 30,000 ltrs/hr.

Water reservoir              :  480 cbm

At Chittagong Denim Mill Ltd we have a denim range from 4.5oz/sq yd to 14.5oz/sq yd with textures from the very basic denim to the most intricate fancy weave. We have indigo dye range which is capable to doing colored bottoming/topping plus very deep indigo shades. We produce a wide range of denim fabric few of which mentioned below. Mainly in classical INDIGO, BLUE BLACK as well as BLACK. Our product range includes >

100% Cotton Denim

Cotton + Poly Denim

Cotton Lycra Stretch Denim

Cotton + Polyester + Spandex Stretch Denim

We are producer of MERCERIZED DENIM


Our total land area 10 Acres and Covered area (Production/Storage) is 185,072 sq ft. Chittagong Denim Mill Ltd has an ETP to treat the waste water and save the environment. We have our in house power plant to produce enough electricity to have uninterrupted production facility. Chittagong Denim Mill Ltd does not employee any person under the age of 18. At Chittagong Denim Mill Ltd we believe that our people, our passion and our products is what sets us different from other.

We do all only to meet the market demand and satisfaction to our valued customers worldwide. We strive to be the prime provider of Denim to the globe and meet international standards and managed by a team of young energetic professionals producing superb quality Denim from state of art machineries. With Continuous focus on quality improvement and value addition, Commitment towards maintaining safe and healthy workplace for the workers and strict adherence to customers compliance requirements. Chittagong Denim Mill Ltd to achieve global standards in quality, cost, service and scale of operation. We are focused on using innovative processes, technologies & machines to manufacture the finest products at a reasonable cost. By being responsive to our customer’s requirements and anticipating changes in market trends, we hope to provide a superior level of service than they are accustomed to. We are committed to the success of all the partners that we work with and try best to accommodate their needs. Chittagong Denim Mill Ltd has become one of the most preferred fabric suppliers of the leading global Market.


Pacific Denims Limited

I believe for a new century, we must fuse the strength of today with a vision of tomorrow’s possibilities. To achieve this fusion, Pacific Group calls on the abundant creative energies of the country. Our Subsidiaries and Projects draw on the extraordinary employees to work with us to become leader in its own business sector. Currently there are 5000 employees working with us in different business sector. Our commitment is to create opportunity for the nation, transparency to the society, and strength to accommodate the emerging challenges of the twenty-first century.

Our diverse range of products with ensured standard, quality services and most effective managerial efficiency is making the company a market leader in the respective sectors of its operation. Keeping main focus on business expansion and growth in the most prospective sectors, the group is continuously taking up projects to make it the largest conglomerate in the business arena of Bangladesh despite fast-changing business trend.

Relying on the firm foundation and highly professional human resources, the Pacific Group is still making good use of its business potentials and also contributing to the development of the local corporate culture and making a significant contribution to the overall development of the country and its economy.

As a custodian of the Pacific Group, I hope that the cordial relations with all the valued clients will remain intact as partners of prosperity and we also look forward to developing more successful relations with potential clients in the future. It will certainly help us grow and serve the stakeholders even better in the days ahead.


Pioneer Denim Limited

Badsha Textile is Group of company & sister concern of this Group is Pioneer Denim Ltd. This Group of company is working in Clothing, Yarn and Accessories business activities. Now Pioneer Denim Ltd. has expend their business with Denim fabric production.

Badsha Textiles Ltd. is a leading textile conglomerate in Bangladesh having a turnover of $258 million. Committed to philanthropy and socio-economic development, we are providing an array of products and services for textile and apparel industries. In more than a decade of its establishment, the Group has created several benchmarks and established milestones for the forthcoming generations.

Mr. Md. Badsha Mia, Managing Director of Badsha Textiles Ltd., is a well-reputed industrialist who was elected as President of Yarn Merchants Association for two consecutive terms. He started with whole selling of yarn back in year 1977. Within a short span of time he emerged as one of the largest yarn trader in Narayanganj. Consequently, he turned out to be an importer and wholesaler of yarn establishing one Twisting Factory which enjoys very high market demand. Mr. Badsha’s venture commenced with a 100% export-oriented sweater factory under the name and style Pioneer Sweaters Limited in 2000. By virtue of his relentless efforts and dynamic leadership, subsequently he established two Spinning Mills in the name of Badsha Textiles Ltd. and Kamal Yarn Limited. The latest addition of BGI is the largest and most modern sweater factory in Bangladesh named Pioneer Knitwears (BD) Limited.

To cope with the pace in harmony of modern textile world, our industries are outfitted with ‘state of the art’ machinery and technology. Our machines have been imported from Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Japan under the brand names of Seema-saki, Rieter, Savio Polar, Texparts, Uster and so on, which allow us to produce high quality cotton yarns with a capacity of 160 tons per day.


Jamuna Denims Limited

Jamuna Group, after its formation in 1974 and consisting around 40000 committed employees, has established a number of diversified industries of manufacturing and services for a wide spectrum of consumers. And Jamuna Denims is one of the largest fully vertically integrated denim fabric manufacturer of the country well equipped with state of the art machineries and facilities. Currently we`re running with 2.5 million yards of monthly capacity. 100% Cotton in Ring & Rotor spun, Cotton-spandex with colors, polyester spandex with colors, Melange yarns etc. Various Twills, Chambrays, Mats, Zig-zags, Herring Bones etc. Shades in endless depths based on Indigo & Black, various color casts and others. Finishes in Regular, Flat, RFD, Over dyeing, Brushing, Printing etc.


Salek Textile Mills Limited

Titas Spinning & Denim Limited (TSDL) is a denim fabrics manufacturing industry located at Mahna-Bhabanipur Gazipur 45 kilometre away to nothern side of Dhaka capital city. The plant integrated in one boundary of 35,000 square meter area with 15,000 square meter buliding. Titas Spinning & Denim Company is one of the famous denim industry in Bangladesh in a sense of its brand new machinery park, combination of machineries. Titas produce the highest quality of denim fabrics through his dedicated professional team by the world renowned best machineries.


NZ Denim Limited

Since the inception in 1982, NZ Group has expanded manifold over the years and today NZ is one of  he most diversified and independent manufacturing conglomerates in the Textile industry of Bangladesh. With the vision and philosophy of partner the customers, NZ made every effort to involve in all areas of Textile industry like spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing. Now NZ Group has expend their business with Denim fabric production.

The vertically integrated production facility enables NZ to offer quick response to changing fashion and allowed focused attention to quality control. With a firm commitment to achieve excellence in quality of service. NZ has always tried for creating a wide array of products and offer superior value proposition.

NZ believes that latest technology and motivated professionals are indispensable essences for success. Customers are our first and foremost priority in driving our business and we take great pride in our ability to perform with excellence and discipline.

NZ believes that latest technology and motivated professionals are indispensable essences for success. Customers are our first and foremost priority in driving our business and we take great pride in our ability to perform with excellence and discipline. NZ Denim is is the sister concern of NZ Group.


Aaron Denim Limited

Establish on 2006. Former MAB Denim ltd newly expressed herself with new vision as Aaron denim ltd. to speed up the entire sales force towards rendering exclusive services throughout the year to her valued buyers. All kinds of denim fabric including color denim, coating, printing, over dyed and strip denim.




Royal Denim Limited

Royal Denim Ltd. (RDL) is a 100% export oriented denim manufacturers in Bangladesh. Using state of the art technology and stringent quality control RDL is committed to produce Denim of the highest quality and consistency. At RDL, we do all only to meet the market demand and satisfaction to our valued customers world wide. We strive to be the prime provider of Denim to the globe and to meet international standards and managed by a team of young energetic proffessionals, producing superb quality Denim from top-notch branded machineries.

We have a lot experience in textiles for long years specially in garmenting of shirts, trousers, sweaters using drills, gabardines, denims and knits. Our professionalism is proved to our dear customers and we deliver the goods just in time.


Ranka Denim Textile Mills Limited

Ranka Denim Textile Mills Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of denim fabric, capable of producing more than 12.5 Million yards of denim per year in all weights from 6 oz to 14.50 oz/sq.yd, in basic, slub, cross hatch (stretch & non-stretch) designs. RDTML has the state-of-the-art machineries imported from Belgian, Swiss, Taiwanese and Japanese manufacturers, which includes Slasher Dyeing, Sanforizing range, Rapier and Air Jet weaving looms. In finishing unit we have Stentering /Heat setting, and additional unit of Sanforizing machine. Soon to run are additional finishing machines such as Mercerizing, We use quality raw materials, dyestuffs, auxiliaries and chemicals.

Year Established         :     2011

No. of Employees       :     650

Certificates                :     Oeko-tex Certification

Production capacity   : 10.50 Lac Yards Per Month.


Bengal Indigo Limited

Bengal Indigo Limited is a manufacturer of high quality denim fabric in Bangladesh. Our denim mill is equipped with state of the art machinery having a production capacity of approximately 10 million yards per month.

Our product line at Bengal Indigo ranges from basic to fancy fabrics to serve the taste of all clients. The unique collection includes: 100% Cotton, Cotton Stretch, Cotton Poly and Cotton Poly Stretch denim in regular, ring , slub weave in normal pre-skewed & pre-shrunk, flat/mercerize finish in the range of 4.70 oz to 14.00 oz comprising a variation of bottoming, topping colors, over dyed, coating and printing qualities. We at Bengal Indigo Ltd. believe in evolving constantly and mechanically. Bengal Indigo Ltd. has some of the best denim machinery in the world with automation controls. We have a combination of both Dobbies and Tappets which have diversified our range of varieties and designs.

Over the year Bengal Indigo Limited has acquired expertise with competitiveness in terms of cost efficiency, productivity and fabric quality. We always strive to maintain highest standard of quality and service, with strict quality controls at every stage of production (5-6 points per 100 yards, 20-25 days lead time & after Sales service) Bengal Indigo manufactures for worldwide recognized brands in the world. For all denim related query you are cordially welcome to knock us, definitely will serve all your denim queries offering best quality, competitive price and sharp delivery schedule at any point of time. Look forward to have a potential business venture in denim with you in recent future.


Desh Denim Mills Limited

It is a green field project in the out skirts of Chittagong city, with lush green environment. It is under construction. This plant will have capacity of producing 11 million yards of specialized ring and open-end denims. This plant is equipped with slasher dying range so that there is enough flexibility and versatility to produce best denim for our garment buyers.  85 picanol Airjet looms installed to produce about 30,000 yds. of quality denim per day. Quality of the fabric to be ensured with online microprocessor.

Plant and machinery managing by best talent both local and expatriates. The aim is to achieving RKD’s dream of fiber to fashion.


Yogotex Fabrics Co., Ltd.

YOGOTEX FABRICS CO., LTD. Is professionally managed and technically sound organization located at Comilla Export Processing Zone, Comilla, Bangladesh. We are producer of high quality Denim and Pocketing fabric. This is 100% foreign investment (Taiwan) Denim Company in Bangladesh. Before in Bangladesh our company launched business at South Africa named LIEN FU TEXTILE since 1992 with Denim fabric. Beside this our other sister concern TEXTILE COMPANY, TAIWAN also working with Denim Fabrics. Our integrated experience is applied here to provide you world class denim fabric for you and your customer satisfaction. We believe that in today’s competitive and liberalized business environment quality and service is the key to success and survival. So we are uncompromised in the field of quality and offer the best price accordingly. The plant is fully integrated with state of art technology and brand new machinery. The machinery and the facilities are equally complemented with highly motivated, trained and skilled workforce with foreign specialist. Currently our production capacity is 10, 00,000 meters for denim and 2, 00,000 meters for pocketing fabric per month. We are given special emphasis for procurement of best quality of yarn and chemicals. We use yarn from the finest yarn producer of Taiwan. We use chemicals from BASF- Germany, BAYER- Germany etc, Dyes from DYSTAR-Germany, Taiwan and China. For uninterrupted production and quality of product we have self-sufficient Power Plant and for environment care we already have ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant).

The basket of products includes denims from 3oz to15 oz in various shades of indigo, yarn-dyed, color yarn dyed, different casts, tints, naturals and over-dyeds in various weaves and fabrics piece dyed in all color range, in 100% cotton and cotton-based blends with Lycra, Polyester, Linen etc.


Sinha Denim Wear Limited

Dhaka Denim Mills Limited

One Denim Mills Limited

Deep Textile Mills Limited

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