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Denim Innovation provides critical information

Denim Innovation provides us with critical information on the new development of Denim Industry, Innovation and Business. Denim Innovation is an absolutely wonderful Magazine Denim Innovation 2nd Vol. in Bangladesh of information for the Denim Industry.

I thank Denim Innovation providing us Denim related information, development, fashion, trend, future business, expanding opportunity in Denim industry worldwide.

I wish them all the success in their efforts for second Vol. copy.


A M M Shah Alam
Director (Chief of Textile Division)
Nassa Group

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Publication of Denim Innovation Magazine Vol. 2nd

Denim Admin

I am very happy to know about the publication of this News Letter on Denim

Denim Admin

I am glad to know that Denim Innovation Magazine 2nd vol. is going to be published soon

Denim Admin