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Prosperity Textile to Produce Denim in Vietnam


Founded in 1995, Prosperity Textile is a leading denim fabric-maker based out of China. Throwing light on the company’s collaborations and products, Mr. Andy, Marketing Director, Prosperity Textile says they have a capacity to produce 60 million yards a year.

All about premium labels and partnerships…

With 20 offices around the world, Prosperity Textile sells all over the globe. However, 50 per cent of their sales come from Chinese customers, says Mr. Andy. He adds “Nearly 25 per cent sales is in the US and 25 per cent is in Europe. A leading Denim maker in China, Prosperity has seen 50 per cent sales growth for the first half of the year. It is ranked among the good suppliers in the Global Denim makers”.

“Knit Denim is a strong segment we are in along with our partner. We also have a small range of dyed yarn. The company has a long-term partnership with Lenzing and Invista. Moreover, the label

‘Prosperity’ is with all premium brands such as H&M, American Eagle. In China, we are approaching only big brands,” says Mr. Andy. One of the biggest Tencel Denim fabric makers in China, in 2014, Prosperity sold six million yards of it, informs Andy. Apart from this, they also use Invista fabrics such as Cool Max. Speaking about their partnerships, Mr. Andy says, “Last year, Prosperity entered into a strategic partnership with a Denim mill in Bangladesh. With this tie-up we can provide one to two million yards a month. Besides, the company has invested in Vietnam and the project should begin in 2017. This is an ambitious project, with a capacity of more than 10 million yards,” Andy informs. Since Vietnam’s labor costs are cheaper than China’s there is a lot of textile and yarn suppliers and Garments makers across the value chain. Thus, Andy feels this is a good place to expand their Prosperity Textiles’ capacity.

A strong Global presence

Mr. Andy says they are set to ramp up production “Prosperity is known for its fit and function. The company takes inspiration from active wear and sportswear combining them in Denim. So Denim can be worn as active wear making one feel cool in summer and warm in winter,” he explains.

Prosperity’s regular Denim is 100 percent cotton, which is 40 percent of their range, while 60 percent is stretch or other fibres. In stretch, they have two collections “Coflex, or comfort flex which has 15 to 30 percent stretch. This is for men and women’s wear. The other collection with a higher stretch level is ultra-stretch, with 40 to 80 per cent stretch.” Besides, they also have bio-stretch, which is a four way stretch and more comfortable.

Prosperity uses innovative fibres in making its Denim. One such fibre, ‘F2, Fit and Function’, can actually help absorb heat and increase oxygen levels. This has temperature management and helps cool faster in summer, while in winter the fibres help keep one warm. Currently, this fibre is being used for jeans wear and Prosperity is the only one with this product in the market.

Besides these innovations, the company also uses a lot of sustainable materials, informs Mr. Andy. “Tencel and recycled cotton and polyester. We also source eco-friendly material and use new technologies in dyeing. We recycle water to quality standards in an effort to save it. We also do laser washes and have partnered with Jeanologia,” says Mr. Andy. He says sustainable production is still a small portion of what they do, however, he believes this trend will grow.

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