A prospective development in Denim industry



A prospective development in Denim industry – What is your experimental views?
Development in Bangladesh in regards to Denim Industry has been in many folds. With many news mills being set up and existing mills expanding, by installing state-of-the-art machinery, denim industry is posed towards the next step. With better quality of fabric, lesser lead time, more varieties, denim industry has developed a lot in this country.

A real opportunity in Denim industry – What is your opinion?
In the last couple of years, the number of fabric mills have doubled. Currently there are about 25 denim fabric manufacturers, with a total investment of more than US$ 850 million, producing 30 million yards per month against the demand of 60 million yards. Thus more mills are being set up. All these mills have end to end manufacturing set up and thus is becoming like an “One Stop Shop” for all denim requirements.

Global Denim markers and Bangladesh Denim industries – How you can define for best implementation in competitive markets?
With installation of composite set ups, from spinning to garmenting (till washing), Bangladesh denim industries are best poised in the world competitive markets. Almost all the mills have their own design team who are constantly updated with the changes in the style and fashion in the denim industry. Proper production process of lean and six sigma with due quality checks and controls, we are in a good position in this tough denim competitive market.

Denim R & D and Global buyer’s requirement, A mutual concept – How could match Denim development in Bangladesh & Globally?
As I have said earlier, all the mills in Bangladesh have developed their own R & D centres along with their own sampling units. With the fast changes in the fashion world, denim products have undergone vast diversification. With the local entrepreneurs showing keen interest in moving along with the changes and setting up R & D centres and installing modern manufacturing state-of-the art machineries, we are able to match and live up to the expectation of international buyer’s requirements.

A new fashion trend and Denim innovation – How you can evaluate this?
Denim fashion has changed quite rapidly, be it in yarn or weave or washing or appearance. Denim is now even used for formal wears. Men have started wearing stretch denim, ladies and girls are wearing super stretch garments, etc. Different blends in form of Modal, Rayon, Linen, etc are now the trend. We are in constant touch with our Buyers, we participate in international fairs, our marketing team is travelling worldwide and thus we are constantly evaluating the changing trends and the innovations that are taking place in the denim industries.

Nice Denim in Global markets and contribution of export – What is your real dream to be implemented in future onward?
We are planning to build our capacity to 5 Million yards per month by July’2017 which will be the largest capacity in Bangladesh.

Green factory and Eco friendly industry, A real concern for represent free pollution environment World – How you can contribute by your social imitativeness?
We have installed biological ETP in our plant and now we are working on Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD). We are also planning to make our ETP capacity double by using latest technologies.

Noman Group – A sustainable tremendous performance of Export business and contribution in Textile Industry! What is your core principle for this success?
I have increase the production capacity as per world market demand, for this process i always make good marketing team and operational team so that the product i will make will be able to fill up the market demand. I have also build the good human resource management and best logistics support as per the requirement. My focus was always all over the world, not only USA or EU.

Noman Group – A success of milestone in Textile industry! What is your further planning and development?
I am planning to expand in garment sector. I will make some green garments and few more spinning mills. I am increasing my jacquard capacity in my terry towel mill and i have started the process to automation of all machines.

Your long practical experience in Textile sector in Bangladesh – What is your intellectual emotion to share your experience and message for new coming generation & industry?
My advice for the new generation is to make green factory. They should always up to date with the current world trend. At the same time compliance is a must. They should always go for the good quality machines and raw materials. At the same time they should focus on Human resource management.

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